Monday, September 10, 2012

fuck straight "allies"

So it turns out the "Straight But Not Narrow" campaign/organization doesn't donate one red cent to LGBTQ charities or organizations. It is a group dedicated to promoting straight "allies."

Fuck these people--they are profiting off of the oppression we suffer without actually suffering any consequences.

You don't get a cookie for believing that LGBTQ people are regular human beings with rights just like you. That's called "being a decent person" and there are no awards for basic human empathy.

Go to their twitter: @weareSBNN (or website) and give them some shit for this money-pocketing--that is how one can get a "good ally" point.

Most people who identify as "allies" are doing so in a self-serving way. They want to think better of themselves for not being a homophobic asshole. Or for not bashing my skull in because they see me walking down the street.

You just don't get any credit for being "accepting," even in a society that is still insanely oppressive to LGBTQ+ people. Why? Because you should fucking accept people because they're people. It's called "empathy" and "compassion" and just having a healthy, non-bigoted worldview. More thoughts about allies (from myself and others)
you get to be an ally when it is convenient for you, and that is why I will always criticize you. 
when it’s christmas and grandma is sighing over how your cousin just needs to find the right man, you can be silent and neutral because well, grandma’s old, she can’t help it. 
I’m waiting for my grandfather to die so I can bring a girl home. 
when it’s dark at night and you see frat bros yelling “faggot” at the kid in your art history class, you get to walk on by without wondering “am I next?”
I’ve met fresh-faced 17 year old kids who have already planned what they’ll wear after they’re bashed because it seems like an inevitably. 
so when I say don’t apply for lgbt+ scholarships , it is not because I don’t think straight people dont need scholarships. it’s because 40% of the homeless youth in nyc are lgbt+ when we make up less then 10% of the general population.
when I say “no, you don’t understand coming out” its not because you haven’t watched enough Glee or talked to your friends about it, it’s because I have to come out all the time.
I’d like to add: You get to worry about normal danger (or not worry at all), whereas every time I go outside alone I think about how my statistically most likely cause of death is homicide