Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday's war day

[updated below]
If---no, when-- the United States engages in the next full-scale conflict (likely, it appears, with Iran*) I expect America's domestic situation to dramatically worsen. The violent crackdowns on Occupy protesters will look like Halcyon Days of tranquility. It is obvious that the government is intent on waging a war on whistleblowers and "material supporters of Terrorism." This could mean a much greater degree of state and federal ire directed at dissenting voices (let alone people in the streets), because such voices could properly be deemed to be "aiding the enemy". This is not without precedent in this country.

I hope for (and will be directing my psersonal efforts towards) as large a war opposition movement as can be conjured. I expect the exceedingly valuable connections made between activist of all stripes through the last six months will lead to large and sustained protests this spring and summer, even if the war has not started by then. Whether peaceful protesters loudly voicing their dissatisfaction against a state already willing to suppress them with brutal aplomb will be any more effectual once The War is On is the obvious question. It is a question, I think, which answers itself.

It is not at all beyond consideration that Syria, and not Iran, will be the next target of our murderous globalist elite.

*The author of this Economist piece "opposes" starting a war against Iran. However, they accept all the premises of the globalist warmongers and their imperial functionaries: "many say", "Some analysts, especially in Israel", "Iran’s intentions are malign...". At least the author acknowledges the obvious result of starting a war with Iran (massive destruction and the serious likelihood of an regionally expanded conflict). But it makes no mention of Israel's large stockpile of nuclear weapons, or the fact that the United States is the only nation to have ever used them. As it stands, a rejection of war based on these premises can be reversed just as soon as "new intelligence" or "changes on the ground" can be manufactured to justify it.

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