Tuesday, October 2, 2012

your right to say "rape" comes up quickly against my ability to kick your ass

Don’t use “rape” as a generally applied verb.
Don’t use sayings like “I raped that test;” or “[that opposing player] raped me;” or “I’m going to rape their argument;”
Don’t use “rape” in reference to objects, tasks, events, or metaphorically;
Don’t use “rape” in jokes.
Don’t use “rape” to compare things which are not at all akin to rape.
Don’t use “rape” as a stand-in for other activities or words.
Don’t do any of those things around me or I will non-metaphorically stab the fuck out of you.


  1. Rape them with that knife!

  2. Some kid saying "I raped that guy" on Xbox Live warrants assault/murder with a knife?
    Go get raped in the most literal sense.

  3. Crude inaccurate usages of the term "rape"= UNACCEPTABLE

    Genuine threats of knife violence = A-OK

    Makes sense.